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Default Re: The misandry bubble

Originally Posted by greg_b View Post
If society overvalues women, how is it that women are still second class citizens in so many ways?

Sorry, I still think we have a ways to go before we reach equality.

You're joking, right?

Never mind the fact that the divorce laws are disgustingly slanted in favor of females.

Never mind the fact that in the majority of cases females get child custody by default.

Never mind the fact that all it takes is a mere accusation, entirely without proof, in order to incriminate a male with charges of sexual abuse or domestic violence.

Never mind the fact that there are rather big statistics saying quite a lot of males are avoiding commitment for these reasons.

Never mind the fact that ALL forms of FGM; even pinpricking, are illegal in developed nations.

Never mind the fact that this is not the case for males.

Never mind the fact that there is this unspoken cultural climate where other males are too uncomfortable with defending their own for fear of coming off as too "homo" or gaining the disapproval of females.

Never mind the fact that at a glance while female emotions are sympathized with and encouraged, male emotions are usually mocked, ridiculed, told to get over it, be a man, etc.

Never mind the fact that successful suicide rates for males are a lot higher than females.

And you wonder why some men may be "misogynistic"? Don't bother with that, it's rhetorical.

If they wanted equality they've certainly got it, and then some. This is only an anecdote, but I know of a man who fell for this woman and he had a kid with her. He is a friend of one of my family. He got accused of abuse and divorced right on the spot. Now he faces potential jail, loss of child custody, lawyer fees, possibly support payments... And all of this when she has no proof. It's just taken for granted that the man is in the wrong no matter what.

I could go on, but men shoulder all of this and then some simply because nature has designed us to be the dominant sex. It isn't really fair. You're right though. We've got a very long way to go before we reach genuine equality. It has merely been shifted to be the other way around for the moment, at least as far as "developed" nations are concerned. I'm willing to admit that some woman may still be suffering for the worse, but at what cost? A steep one, as while it is a worthwhile cause, people seem to be thoroughly incapable of balancing things properly. Plenty of men suffer now too. Well, they already did suffer because of MGM, but additional ways have been introduced.

Needless to say I agree with mostly (not all) everything the article says. There was a time where "feminism" may have served it's purpose, but nowadays it seems to have gotten carried away with itself. It's a shame that there isn't a counter movement to keep it in check, "masculinism". And that proposal probably sounds ridiculous as it rightfully should. If equality is something you want then why focus solely on one sex? Ah well.

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