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Default Re: 2012-01-19 ABC News - Colorado: Bill to re-instate circumcision on Medicaid

THIS THURSDAY, Feb 2, 2012, at 1:30 p.m. the Colorado Senate Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee will hold a hearing at the state Capitol in Denver. They will vote on SENATE BILL 12-090 which would restore Medicaid funding for non-therapeutic male circumcision. If the bill passes committee, it will move forward to the full Senate.

The democratically controlled senate would likely pass the bill since it is sponsored by democrats. But if you do nothing else for me you must contact your Colorado House representative (instructions below) to ensure the bill does not pass the House.

Here is a sample message you could send:
- - - - -
Subject: Vote NO on SB 90: Circumcision and Medicaid

Message: I expect you to oppose SENATE BILL 12-090 which would restore Medicaid funding for non-therapeutic male circumcision.

The bill is a waste of taxpayer dollars and is utterly un-needed. Circumcisions required for a legitimate medical reason are ALREADY covered under Medicaid. The only effect of this bill would be to subsidize cosmetic surgery. NOT ONE national medical association on earth endorses routine forced circumcision of healthy normal children.

The bill would also have the terrible effect of enshrining bold lies into the Colorado legal code because it suggests that paying for cosmetic surgery "is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety." Most of the world does not circumcise children, and we do not see non-circumcising cultures suffering from lack of peace, health, and safety.
- - - - -

Send the above note or equivalent to your legislators, and also to the HHS committee members:

Sen Irene Aguilar, M.D. (D) 303-866-4852
Sen Betty Boyd (D) 303-866-4857
Sen Kevin Lundberg (R) 303-866-4853
Sen Shawn Mitchell (R) 303-866-4876
Sen Linda Newell (D) 303-866-4846
Sen Jeanne Nicholson (D) 303-866-4873
Sen Ellen Roberts (R) 303-866-4884
Sen Jean White (R) 303-866-5292
Sen Joyce Foster (D) 303-866-4875. She is the author of this bill and the 9th member of the HSS Committee.

- - - - -

YOU can attend the committee hearing on Thursday and even speak if you like. For details on how that would work see this link:

See more details about opposing this legislation at

- - - - -

Finding your Colorado Legislator

Go to

Enter your address, for example:
1430 Grant St, Denver, CO

Click the green plus sign by the word Legislators.

Click state house or state senate and wait for a box to appear with your districts.

Knowing your districts you can go to to get a link to your own senator and ESPECIALLY your House representative.

-Ron Low

{PS - I just did the math. For every 66 babies cut in Colorado last year, a man started to restore his foreskin.


66000 births in CO / year
5500 births / month
2750 males born / month (@50% of births)
1650 babies cut (@60% circ rate)
5 new Colorado TLC clients per month (not including PE gear)
25 new men restoring / mo (if only 1 in 5 buys a TLC device)

66 babies cut for every new restorer (1650 / 25 = 66) }
HIS body, HIS decision
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