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Health Club Non-restoring topics including Mens Health and Mental Health

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Old January 3rd, 2012
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Unhappy Non-sexual condition causing STI symptoms?

I should preface this with the fact that I'm currently not restoring at all, so I'm basically a circumcised male. With some kind of infection. WHO, you're full of it.

Anyway, I've noticed a small, non-painful drop of whitish discharge at the end of my urethra. I first noticed it upon waking after New Year's, thinking perhaps it was some kind of leftover semen from having a wet dream, but then I noticed it happening again randomly. As gross as I feel admitting this, I'm definitely leaking something.

I know I should seek medical advice, and that's the plan ultimately. I'm just wondering what the deal is, and if anybody could share with me me their relevant experiences/information. The internet says basically that I'm experiencing chlamydia or gonorrhea symptoms, but I have not had sex with anyone since leaving my girlfriend halfway across the country in December. She has had a lot of sexual partners, and is deeply afraid of doctors so perhaps I could have picked something up for her and neither of us knew it, but I'm only seeing symptoms now which makes me think that I have some kind of non-sexually transmitted infection.

Er... help me out?
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Old January 3rd, 2012
greg_b greg_b is offline
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Default Re: Non-sexual condition causing STI symptoms?

You probably have already looked at sites like these, but just in case:

The facts that you only had sex with her, that she has had a lot of sexual partners and is reluctant to seek medcial help, and your last encounter with her was in December are all consisitent with it being one of those two diseases. The way to find out is to seek medical help. In addition to observing your symptoms and asking you about your history, they can order definitive tests that will rule out these diseases, and likely confirm others if it is not sexually trnasmitted.

Greg B.

"The foreskin isn't the's the candy!"
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