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Old September 17th, 2011
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Red face Rhamiel's Restoration Blog

After several years of restoration by different means, I finally decided really to go for it and restore as best I could.

Dream would be to have glans covered while erect.

My story and background are here:

From restoring experience, I've settled into using by day a CatII RO connected to an elastic sewn to a knee support; and by night a 14oz PUD Tugger (see link above for details of both of these). I figure that restoring day and night will speed up the process.

Results to date are that I have developed fairly loose shaft skin. After swimming when I get cold in the changing rooms, by shaft skin covers my glans as a foreskin would otherwise do naturally. - My dick's never done that before, so I must be making progress. This is nice, but it does not last long. I have to keep going.

From seeing other restorers' progress images, I have learned that it takes 14 months at least to get the skin to start crawling over the corona. That's the stage I am aiming at for the moment.

Problems and Solutions Encountered

Sometimes the CATII RO pops off. I then have to find a WC to get it on again. It can sometimes reach a stage when it starts to pinch. This hurts. Taking it off and putting it on again usually helps things out a bit.

For comfort, I insert a foam rubber cosmetic disc (about 2 inches in diameter) in front of the glans.

Hair on the shaft skin can get pulled painfully by the CatII RO, if I shave gently in a hot bath, this improves things.

The PUD Tugger has to be taped on properly. The first circle of tape is 2/3rds by width on shaft skin. Then I wrap it once or twice on the PUD Tugger.

Where the PUD Tugger flares out, I find sometimes that the shaft skin gets worn (grazed). This is painful and I have to stop tugging until it's healed. Applying Friar's Balsam helps the healing. Using a foam insert as described above helps, as does applying extra tape over the area around the shaft where the skin it taught around the flare-out point of the PUD Tugger (metal edge that goes around the corona).

I'll update as things progress. Restoration is such a slow process. Sometimes I feel my skin does not want to grow, but I am winning the battle. I want to be at the stage when I can be naked again without feeling embarrassed.

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Old September 21st, 2011
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Default Re: Rhamiel's Restoration Blog

I wish you all the luck in the world, I am right behind you bro =)
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Old October 23rd, 2011
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Red face Re: Rhamiel's Restoration Blog

It's been over a month since my last posting.

Have alternated use of CAT-II RO and Pud Tugger.

The DTR comes in one size only, and I'm quite well hung, so find it too tight to wear - it pinches my shaft skin too tightly.

The CatII-RO I attached to a sports knee grip sock (worn below the knee) by way of a cloth elastic with safety pin. This works well, though it cuts circulation in the shaft skin after about 5 hours and I have to take it off for a bit.

With the PUD Tugger I was getting shaft skin chafing as things rubbed against the seam in the crotch of my trousers or against the seam of the edge of my boxers. The chafing got so bad I had to stop for a week until the shaft skin had completely recovered. - I don't want to be stretching damaged skin. Norm UK recommended 'Friar's Balsam' to treat bad chafing. I used this. It makes the skin go a bit hard and stains white cloth brown. - Have to be careful with that stuff. I bought some dark, baggy cotton boxer shorts.

When I go swimming and come out of the pool, my dick is shrunk and I get complete coverage, which is really nice. In a hot shower soon afterwards though, the skin rolls back. Ugh!

I read recently again about T-Tapes and just today have started using this type of tape attachment instead of just wrapping the zinc oxide tape around the shaft skin to attach it to the 14oz Pud Tugger. The T-Tape arrangement is much more comfortable, because the tape is holding both the outside and the inside of the shaft skin when it's pulled forward. - This has two beneficial effects:

(i) more of the skin surface is being stretched, which means a more even tug and a less painful one; and
(ii) the flared edge of the Pud Tugger no-longer pushes against the inside of my shaft skin. - It's the outside of the shaft skin where this stretches over the flared end of the Pud Tugger that used to chafe as the skin is pulled tight over metal.

Now the flared end of the Pud Tugger just pushes against the T-Tape, my stretched skin is above the tugger.

Because the Pub Tugger is hollow, I can pee without taking everything off.

Tonight I'm going to try to sleep with the thing on.

In terms of results, my shaft skin has, over the 18 months or so that I've been stretching, wrinkled up - there's more spare skin on the shaft, but I have still not achieved that landmark creep of the shaft skin over the corona. I hope that day comes soon and will keep tugging.

I wish I had discovered foreskin restoration decades ago.


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Old December 22nd, 2011
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Default Re: Rhamiel's Restoration Blog

For most of the last month, I was making good progress with the DTR and the PUD-Tugger (NB not the 'GP' one), using the extra, heavy eyelet which screws into the end of it. I have been alternating with these, a few days with one, then a few days with the other. Both work, but both have disadvantages. I guess that alternating them helps avoid the disadvantage of the other for a few days.

The DTR leaves me at the end of the day with a bit of fluid accumulated in the skin around the grip area. This soon goes away after the device is removed. This is caused I think because the DTR comes in only one size and is a bit too tight for me.

The PUD-Tugger hangs low in my trousers and can sometimes look odd through the material. My concern is that people see something hanging in there and might wonder what it is. I don't want to have to explain it. It's good to wear it at night, because it doesn't come off.

The results over the last month have been good. At last, shaft skin is only just beginning to creep over the edge of my coronal ridge (= the rim of the glans). I can only see this in the minutes after I take off either device, then my skin retracts and I am back to my revolting, cut self. I have been restoring on and off for two years now and see little progress, although my shaft skin has definitely begun to ruffle up behind the corona.

After I've been swimming in the mornings, if the water's been cold, I get complete coverage, which feels marvelous. - It doesn't last longer than a minute or two though. This process is so very slow, that it's sometimes discouraging to continue, but I am going to win. I wish I had been able to learn about restoring decades ago so that I could have had a foreskin during my youth and not been embarrassed in changing rooms.

A nice feeling with the healthy, positive-feedback that one can get into during foreskin restoration, is an itch the shaft skin begins to have when it's not being stretched. I've found that if my shaft skin is not under tension, it feels like it's itching to be stretched. That itching doesn't go away until I've put it under tension again. Foreskin restoration has to be an obsession.

Recently, my time has been taken with having to care for a relative. The event took over my life and I have neglected my restoration. I'm not sure why. It takes great discipline and commitment to restore when other, more urgent things are happening around one. I have not restored for two weeks and this is just stupid. When priorities change in one's life, it's important not to let one lose perspective of other areas of one's life. If something takes over from restoration, then one has to remember to keep restoring nevertheless.

This morning I re-applied the PUD-Tugger and it feels good. I sense I need more weight on it, really to give my skin a good, constant tug, and find that critical point of maximum stretch without breaking or distorting the shaft skin, and /keeping/ the skin at theta stretch constantly. Foreskin restoration is unfortunately a process which one cannot accelerate; there are only two speeds: 'Off' and 'Slow'.

Amazing piece of advice: I have found a way of applying the PUD Tugger so that it does not hurt the skin, so that it stays on and so that equal tension is applied both to the inside and the outside of the developing replacement foreskin. It's important to have this, otherwise tension is only applied to the outside of the foreskin, which increases the risk of a skin tear on the outside of the new foreskin. The simple solution is to use a T-Tape. - T-Tapes are described elsewhere on this internet, so I won't explain it here, for pictures, see It's important to use the right kind of tape: I recommend zinc oxide tape, which does not cut into or irritate the skin. - You can buy it in bulk from online auction sites. (NB to check number of rolls and length of tape on each roll.)

The other very important tip, is to find the right 'pull point' (it might not be where you think for best restoration). If you pull your shaft skin over your glans, find its foreword edge and mark the foreword edge of this all the way round with a felt-tipped pen, then the pull-point appears about 1cm below the mutilation scar. - I used to pull from the mutilation scar itself, which does not leave enough inner foreskin. Some call the 'pull point' the 'point of equilibrium'.

It's important to stick the T-Tape over the pull-point, then a correct distribution of tension is applied to the shaft skin, with far less risk of tear. This set-up is also very much more comfortable to wear - it's even pleasant. The other advantage with a PUD-Tugger is that instead of taping shaft skin to the metal tugger, you tape the free spine of the T-tape. In this way, the metal PUD-Tugger is in contact only with tape. This is very comfortable, and you can feel that the shaft skin is being pulled correctly. I can even add extra weight, without risk of skin tears, because the T-Tape offers a greater surface area, gluing to the shaft skin both inside the new foreskin and outside.

I belong to a UK organization (NORM UK) that campaigns against the non-therapeutic mutilation of males before those males are of an age to make decisions about their own bodies. The organization is doing its best, but I am persuaded that there is much education work to be done with religious leaders and with doctors in the world, for evidence-based sense to prevail. Things are improving, slowly.

Onward and longward.


PS I am aware that restoration devices can be very expensive. The best time to restore is when one is young. With the internet, it's easy for younger guys to discover what is possible, but they may not have the means to pay for one or two good restoration devices. These should be available for free to them somehow.

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Old December 24th, 2011
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Default Psychology of Foreskin Restoration

The Psychology of Foreskin Restoration

After two years of foreskin restoration (on and off), I've found my shaft skin lengthening to begin to creep over the corona of the glans. This change caused a shock, in the sense that I had to get used to the idea that eventually I was actually going to have a kind of foreskin back.

My parents have a family film of me when I was two years old, playing in the garden and taking a pee in a pond. This was a year before they decided to have me circumcised due (apparently) to a phimosis. As I've said elsewhere, I'd have enjoyed having a phimosis, gradually stretching my foreskin to get the glans through. Watching that film, I saw how long my foreskin originally was. Gosh I wish I still had that part of me.

The idea of foreskin restoration and the start of the manifestation of its effect, caused me two bizarre thoughts:
(i) the peculiar notion that something is coming back and

(ii) the idea that the process could be said to be more unnatural than circumcision, in the sense that I am permanently distorting my shaft skin to make it much longer than it would otherwise ever have been. I keep thinking of how I would look if I was doing foreskin restoration, if I had never been circumcised. - My foreskin would be double its natural length.

The reason I'm writing this, is that I think that was well as manual restoration, there is also some psychological work for foreskin restorers to do. They have to accept that the front of their shaft skin is not going to function as shaft skin anymore, it's going to become a replacement foreskin. They have (in a sense) to 'lose' the front of their shaft skin - it's like another circumcision.- It's very much like a phantom limb. When my shaft skin is stretched, and I can feel that skin in a new place: over my glans, then when I touch that skin, my mind is telling me "that is shaft skin". I realize that for full restoration, I am going to have to re-train my brain to say "that is foreskin". If my brain believes it has a foreskin, then I will have one. - I think this faith (belief in something which was untimely lost), helps one to restore. As the shaft skin stretches, I guess the nerves to that skin are also stretching. No 'new' nerve endings can be created, they have been severed (yuck). As such, I have to re-train the nerve endings at the end of my shaft skin to believe that they are a part of a formerly-lost foreskin. Weird.

I think that part of what makes a foreskin a foreskin, is the sensations it gives to other parts of the body when one touches it. If you touch your shaft skin, it feels like shaft skin. If you touch your foreskin, your glans gets feedback, because it's in direct contact with it. - That's part of what makes a foreskin a foreskin. Foreskin restoration involves a sensual as well as a physical transformation.

A question I have is: once my shaft skin is fully lengthened, will I still feel mutilated? - Ultimately, it's the feeling of having been mutilated that I'm trying to get rid of. Posessing a properly-functioning foreskin is an essential result of that.

To summarize: if you want to restore your foreskin, you have fully to accept that you can have your foreskin back. It's probably not ever going to be as good as the real thing that was taken away (no frenulum), but it's not going to make you embarrassed in a changing room.

I'd be keen to read comments by men who have succeeded in restoring their foreskins, on how they have coped with their success, psychologically. - Do they feel intact now?
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Old December 25th, 2011
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Default Re: Psychology of Foreskin Restoration

Originally Posted by Rhamiel View Post
The Psychology of Foreskin Restoration

my mind is telling me "that is shaft skin".
Hello Rhamiel,
Your observation brought back a very similar feeling. Several months ago, after a swim in cold water, my glans was almost completely covered. I started to urinate without pulling the skin back, and immediately, I felt a warm stream on the outside skin, although it was not the case. It will take a while for the brain to realize that even though that portion is derived from the outer skin, it now is going to be inside.
Since I am not completely restored, I cannot comment on mutilation feelings. However, since the glans is covered most of the time, there is a gradual loss of awareness of having been circumcised. It certainly is a positive psychological improvement resulting from restoration. It is such an important improvement in self esteem that I hope all restorers will enjoy it.
Best regards,
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Old January 28th, 2012
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Unhappy Rhamiel's Restoration Blog 28/1/12

It's been a month since my last confession.

Usual problems... edge of silicone cup of DTR pinches shaft skin. Hurts after 4 hours, so I have to take it off for a few minutes, put it back on and then can tolerate it for another 4 hours or so. I wear it with long rod and two elastics. It is working, very slowly.

A good advisor at this message board wrote to me: 'every day, without pain'. It's difficult to judge the pain because if it doesn't hurt, I wonder if any progress is being made.

It's disheartening... After two years I think I've only gained 2mm. Last month my shaft skin would cover my glans after swimming and I really felt I was making progress. This month, despite the same amount of tugging /stretching, the shaft skin rolls back after swimming. - It's as if the skin's contracted to compensate for my actions. Arrgh!

There are many posters here who wait until their dicks are cold and small, stretch the skin forward, and then post 'miraculous' progress pics. From what I can tell, there are only two ways to measure true progress: one: when coming out of a hot bath/shower and being limp but warm and not shrivelled, and two: when fully erect.

The PUD tugger continues to cause problems of shaft skin chafing around the edges of the flared end of the device. It also hangs very low for me and looks odd potentially for others, if a weight seems to be swinging around at one's knee inside one's trousers all day. For safe sex reasons, I can't have shaft skin chafing.

The only reason I persevere, is that I dream of getting back what I lost, though I wish I'd known about foreskin restoration decades ago. It's all so ($*&%^ late.

Another problem I've found is that the DTR relies on pressing the glans into the body to get a purchase to stretch the shaft skin. This hurts. I use a circular foam rubber make-up removal pad to cushion the DTR's 'pusher', but the set-up still hurts. I could lessen the stretch amount, but from previous experience know that this takes me to a point where I'm not making any gains. I feel one needs a certain degree of discomfort to make progress.

Progress is so slow that sometimes I wonder what the point of this daily suffering is. Frankly though, I'd rather wear a device than having my glans rub against the insides of my underpants all day. Grief.

There's a section at this forum where Dr Cool's writing about finding a way to avoid 'turkey neck'... 'Turkey neck' involves the scrotum skin being stretched up so that it becomes a part of the underside of the shaft. From that thread, it's clear that stretching needs to happen from the middle of the shaft skin itself and not pulling 'everything' forward from the base. From experience, zinc oxide tape works better at getting a purchase on things than rubber rings or tight fabric. As such, I've come up with two designs for tensioners that may work. I call them 'Upper Shaft Skin Tensioners' or USSTs.

I appreciate there's more work to do on the conception of these, with regard to how to tape the lower ring to the middle of the shaft. - Three strips of double-sided tape might work. Diagrams of the device designs are below (I assert my copyright), the third diagram proposes how the tape might hold the lower ring to the middle (or just below the middle) of the shaft. The second diagram uses a normal 'plastic acorn + silicone cup' top, to purchase on the upper part of the shaft skin.

The tensioners are threaded in the middle. Turning them increases the distance between the two rings.

I'd be grateful for any support /advice any successful restorers can give. Genuine successful restorers seem too few and far between.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg rhamiel_USST_1.jpg (25.3 KB, 61 views)
File Type: jpg rhamiel_USST_2.jpg (39.4 KB, 55 views)
File Type: jpg rhamiel_USST_tape.jpg (71.9 KB, 52 views)

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Old March 1st, 2012
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Default Re: Rhamiel's Restoration Blog

Last month showed little progress despite regular stretching. This month has been better. I've worn the DTR every day, using a circle of foam rubber to protect the glans from the plunger.

Because the DTR comes off at night, instead I've taken to taping the shaft skin forwards then, by pulling the shaft skin forwards and then wrapping zinc oxide tape around the end. This keeps the skin in place. I take the tape off in the morning before urinating. I used to think there wasn't much point in night taping, because the stretch was minimal. However, night taping does seem to have an effect on temporary skin memory.

So what's been happening?...

Glans is beginning to get shiny which is nice. I'm also noticing new sensitivity coming back, but this is only when I have been stretching consistently. - It's a bit like having your ears plugged for a day and then taking the plugs out to listen: everything is much clearer and more intense all of a sudden. - As it should be.

At the swimming pool, when I come out of the water, my shaft skin now usually stays forwards. It looks great. When I pull the skin back though, it looks as if my dick's been cut.

Last month I wrote that the shaft skin was beginning to creep over the corona. Actually the effect I'm getting at the moment is more of a gathering of a couple of millimeters of extra skin behind the corona.

In the bath, the shaft skin quickly rolls back again . I want to keep stretching until I have a CI index of 10: foreskin overhanging the end of the glans when erect, because this is how I was before my genitals were mutilated.

Before anyone complains about the use of the word 'mutilated', here's a dictionary definition from Webster:
1. to cut up or alter radically so as to make imperfect, e.g. 'the child mutilated the book with his scissors'

2. to cut off or permanently destroy a limb or essential part.

...sounds accurate to me.
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Old March 25th, 2012
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Default Re: Rhamiel's Restoration Blog

This month a new problem arose: I've a 4mm wide skin tag linking the top of my corona with the shaft skin. Apparently, skin tags can be cut easily, but with me the tag is part of the upper shaft skin and it's thicker and tougher than the regular shaft skin. As such, it stretches less fast and less readily that the rest of the shaft skin and is limiting my progress. When I wear the DTR for a day or two (see previous posts) the skin on the tag part can chafe badly or split. When that happens, I have to stop wearing the DTR and wait until the skin has healed. This takes four days of lost restoring.

This is really pi*(&%ing me off as it spoils one's sex life. - You can't have sex as safely with damaged shaft skin.

I don't know whether it's faster to keep going as I'm doing, (i) repeatedly DTR-ing>chafing>stopping>healing; or (ii) applying much less tension on the DTR. Doing the latter is probably going to be the best solution, but it's incredibly frustrating when one knows one could be making faster progress.

Over the restoration process, my shaft skin has gathered up and ruffles under the corona. Something else I've noticed is that the more shaft skin one grows, the faster the restoration process happens. It's an exponential improvement!

To help track progress, I made a Foreskin Restoration Chart based on the notion that it takes 4 years to restore properly, not two. Restorers can download and use this if they wish (see attached). Give yourself one tick (check mark) in the tick (check mark) column, after each successful day of restoring. If you miss a day, there's no tick and you wait until the next day to give yourself the next tick (check mark).

Message to young, resentful mutilated guys: I'd urge you to start restoring now if you want to regain some semblance of your former self, in time for enjoying your genital apparatus. The foreskin brings heightened sensitivity, sensualness, improved mechanics, warmth and comfort.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf fsr_progress_chart.pdf (44.8 KB, 61 views)
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Old May 1st, 2012
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Angry Darg n' abbit!

Poor progress this last month. Felt I wasn't getting enough tension and went back to using DTR cap only (no long rod), tied via a cloth elastic and safety pin, to an elasticated knee bandage.

After a day, my shaft skin got chafed in one place where it rubbed against the crotch of my trousers, and the shaft skin split slightly. I had to stop restoring (stretching) until it healed, and this took about 6 days. - That's 25% of my month lost.

Am back to using the trusty DTR and have learned my lesson good and hard: not to hurry things, and to be contented with the little tension the DTR can give. - I say 'little', because if I stretch more strongly, the plunger pushes too hard against my glans and then I can't wear the device for more than a few hours.

If I keep things not too tight, then I can wear it all day, and it seems to work, if tediously slowly.

Onwards and longwards. - See you in six years (at this rate).

Yours despondently,


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