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Old September 28th, 2011
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Default Re: Unnecessary Circumcision in Rome

That video was disgusting. I don't understand what is with the pleasant music that supposed to make it look like a beautiful procedure?

Even though they left the frenulum, they continuously dug forceps into the frenular area. They also cut off most or all of the ridged bands. It is crazy to think that the doctors there don't understand that the syneachia is a natural and normal membrane.
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Old April 10th, 2012
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Default Re: Unnecessary Circumcision in Rome

it look to like they left it pretty loose and only cut off wat was past the glans. but then u never know how big the penis will get and he could loose all that loose skin. and also no there is scaring and the chance of it now foruming skin bridges becuse its so loose and wants to go over the glans still. if the kid keep his foreskin cover while hes growning up the glans will keep the skin growing with the glans and he will end up having a 3/4 cover as an adult but most likly they will tell the parnets to retract it often and this will train the foreskin to stay back all the time and the skin wont be able to grow with the glans and this making it shorter then if it had been able to cover his whole life. i think that if a kid is cut and he pulls the foreskin over the glans and keeps it there as he grow the skin will stretch and grow with the penis and he may never need to stretch to cover. the foreskin is fused to the glans and this would mean the skin has to grow longer as the penis grows bigger. so the same thing should happen to a boy thats been cut if he pulls and keep the foreskin over his glans all the time. so if a 10-14 year old pulled wats left of his foreskin over his glans and held it there 24/7 as he has his growth spurts the skin thats covering has to grow along with the penis as it gets bigger and that means that the skin like an intact boys skin would, would have to grow with the penis in affect restoring him with him having to do any manual stretching or use of a device stretching. its partly wat happend for me when i first started restoring from about a week in sen i started restoring i kept the skin over my glans fully and over 2 yrs it got loose and i didnt stretch alot just kept the skin over the glans as far as i could with o-rings or tape. as my penis got longer and bigger the skin got longer and bigger. its the same way that an intact boys foreskin would grow with his penis thats y the foreskin is tight untill the penis has grown fully cause the glans is pushing and making the foreskin grow with it. so if that boy has/had kept his foreskin over his glans untill hes 20 then he will have a short but still almsot fully covering foreskin but without a ridge band. even in the video u can still see that its tight around the glans this making more likey to still grow with the penis as it grows but more like the parnets will retract it to often and this make the skin to loose to stay over meaning the skin wont grow with the penis.

sorry long going on post about wat i think but it kind of makes sense to me
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