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Old August 2nd, 2010
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Default Locating and marking the POE

The POE (Point of Equilibrium) is really nothing more than the natural end of your foreskin remnant when flaccid. When you pull on your foreskin remnant, it is where tension on the inner and outer foreskin is about equal. The POE does not always correlate with the circumcision scar. In fact, it usually doesn't, even for guys who have very even circ scars. Why the POE doesn't correlate perfectly with the circ scar remains one of the mysteries of the restoring world.

Guys who have such tight circumcisions that they have no loose skin even when flaccid have to use the circ scar as the POE for T-taping until they generate some loose skin to work with. One advantage of the T-tape method is that it works even for these guys with the tightest of circumcisions.

The Point of Equilibrium (POE) is used by T-tapers and J-tapers alike.
You can also see how to locate, and mark your POE with a NON-TOXIC marker, by looking at the 2nd and 3rd photos on the long Foreskin Restoration Archive and FAQ page. These photos actually accompany the instructions for J-taping, but again, the POE is used by T-tapers and J-tapers alike. It takes a long time for the photos to load on this long web page.

Please use a NON-TOXIC marker to mark your POE. Find them in multicolor packs in the kids coloring book section of your drug store. Do not use indelible markers, which contain carcinogens. You may accidently mark your skin with an indelible marker at the office all the time, and it wears off without much concern. However, putting an occlusive seal, like the tapes we use, over indelible marker marks increases the absorption of the carcinogens through your skin over 100-fold, and will make the skin there "rot" and weep surprisingly fast. (Added note: This restorer successfully used kid's non-toxic markers throughout his restoration, but I've since been informed that (i) food coloring or (ii) face paint makeup which has been specifically formulated to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic are alternatives that are more appropriate still.) The best color for beginners to use is green. It is the only color that cannot be mistaken for a small injury (e.g., black and blue marks, blood or dried blood) when seen through the translucent tape.

Once you have marked your POE, you apply the T-tape so the long junction between the two sticky flaps lies directly over your POE.

Correctly using the POE allows you to use much higher tensions without premature T-tape job failure.

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